Dunhill Classic By Alfred Dunhill 100ml / 3.4 FL. OZ. EDT Spray  For Man

Dunhill Classic By Alfred Dunhill 100ml / 3.4 FL. OZ. EDT Spray For Man

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Whatever the time of day or night, if you absolutely must smell great, the elegant choice can be Dunhill Edition cologne for men by Alfred Dunhill. You can use a light hand in the application of this product. You can find the sweet, bold scents of bergamot, nutmeg, and lemon are strong.

However, they can quickly fuse with the floral aromas of lavender and rosemary in this Dunhill eau de toilette. The result can be an uplifting effect on any lazy morning.First introduced in 1984, Dunhill is a quintessential classic fragrance for men. This cologne was once discontinued but has since returned to the market and its avid fans. All that's needed is a whiff of this rerelease, and anyone who wore the original version in the 1980s can instantly remember why they enjoy this fragrance.

The perfumer behind this delightful product is Alain Astori. Based in Paris, France, he has had a long career creating other lovely fragrances. With a moderate sillage and longevity, Dunhill won't leave others feeling overwhelmed with scent. Instead, you can revel in the many refreshing scents that can be picked up by those who pay attention. The top notes can provide a burst of bright citrus before fading into floral middle notes. Among the middle notes of this men's Dunhill Edition toilette are carnation, jasmine, sage, geranium, cyclamen, coriander, basil, and cardamom fragrances.

The base notes that round out this parfum are woody and sharp. With a dry down of vetiver, tonka wood, oak moss, cedar, sandalwood, amber, and musk, the Dunhill Edition can leave a lingering sensuousness that is difficult to ignore. You can definitely make a warm but understated impression with this perfume. Dunhill Edition can be a good choice for the office or a place where subtle is the keyword.The English perfume manufacturer Dunhill is based in London and produced this as their signature fragrance. With his shop opening in 1902, Alfred Dunhill started out producing and selling car accessories. They quickly transitioned into luxury goods for men and their automobiles. Their very first men's perfume was released in 1934, so this brand has a lot of experience creating popular, high quality fragrances. Associated with British class, fast cars, and adventurous men, you may not go wrong with this scent. They have released many incarnations of it under their label, and each has provided a unique arrangement of odors.Contained in an elegant grooved bottle, this eau de toilette can exude masculine charms. The 3.4 ounce size can provide plenty of fragrance for months of regular wear. This slightly frosted bottle comes in a black box with very pale gray narrow stripes. Striking typography in the fragrance name mirrors the box design with extra tall ascenders on the letters. You can turn casual, everyday occasions into special events with a spray of this product on the chest after a hot shower. It can also work as a light aftershave when on the go. This scent can last about eight hours on a warm day and a little longer on a cool one. That means that just one spray can keep you smelling great for most of the day.

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    0510022100133, 4035773552513, 0885892093343, 4035773512500
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    Dunhill Edition
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    Eau de Toilette


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    3.4 Oz

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  • Aromas
    Nutmeg, Clove, Yellow, Bergamot, Sandalwood
  • About the Brand
    In 1893 Alfred Dunhill inherited his father’s company, developing a line of car accessories, which later expanded into a tobacconist and pipe shop. The success allowed the British company to develop on the luxury market, offering a full range of men’s ready to wear clothing. Nowadays, Dunhill is worldwide known for its various goods – from shoes and accessories to pens, cufflinks, lighters, timepieces and fragrances. Inspired by the importance of menswear, the company added a masculine scent as a personal signature to the image of the gentlemen by launching their first fragrance Dunhill for men in 1934.